What could be better than giving everyone the opportunity to make the most of their skills at work? How about winning an award for doing so.

Our awards will be judged by an independent panel on 8th May 2015. Winners will be announced at our Skillsoft Perspectives Conference in London on 25th June 2015. Our panel of judges comprises a carefully selected group of industry experts.

Best Learning Project

This award seeks to recognise where excellence in elearning has had a lasting, measurable and wide-reaching effect.

Your submission could be about a single intervention or a broader implementation of elearning technology. It can cover a target population of employees, students, individuals or other groups. Importantly, the term ‘elearning’ can include all forms of online content and may cover synchronous learning, use of social media or even mobile technologies.

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Best Compliance Initiative

One of the most popular uses of elearning is to ensure individuals have the training to help the organisation meet the demands of external regulators or to satisfy internal compliance policies. An important aspect of this training will be the quality of assessment and record keeping.

This award aims to recognise the way in which organisations have encouraged timely uptake of training to meet strict compliance or regulatory obligations.

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Learning Team of the Year

This award is designed to recognise those teams that have achieved a positive change using elearning.

Your team may have implemented a new programme and experienced success or used clever or intuitive ways to ensure faster adoption. You may have even produced a new technique that saved time and money. The most important factor is that your team has made a highly effective impact on the organisation and how it performs against its objectives.

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Best New Implementation

This is an award for organisations that have achieved considerable success within the first year of working with Skillsoft.

Open to any type of organisation – large or small – we encourage entries from individuals and teams who have hit the ground running.

Candidates for this award must show evidence of strong, continuous results achieved over a sustained period of utilising elearning.

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Screen Stars Video

The elearning journey really comes to life through personal stories. That is why we have created this special category for the Inspire Awards.

If a team has had a great experience or an individual has become better at their job better because of elearning we simply ask you to submit a short video. It can be as unedited or as polished as you like. You can use a video suite or simply a smartphone – whatever helps you capture that personal experience.

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Inspire Awards 2015

Don’t miss the deadline. Apply by 2nd April 2015 to secure your chance of winning.

If you have any questions about your submission, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Speak to your Account representative or contact us.