Learning Everywhere

This is the winning idea of the ‘Your Idea Here’ competition, submitted by CGI.

To support the CGI members (employees), the learning team at CGI created a whole range of learning support mechanisms and underpinned it with a focus on “Learning Everywhere”; that 70:20:10 is a journey, not a recipe.

Learning Everywhere is CGI’s planned corporate implementation of the 70:20:10 model and focuses on informing, engaging and supporting all employees to consider the full range of learning opportunities available to them. This includes:

1) Learning frameworks and support sites utilising graphical interfaces on workspaces

2) Deep linking to a range of learning assets such as:

• Videos;
• Job Aids;
• Skill Briefs;
• Chapters of Books;
• Topics in an eLearning Course;
• Mentoring;
• Reflection.

3) A learning needs survey

All are designed to provide easy access and clear guidance and support around planning, finding and accessing learning as formal events, social learning and experiential learning.

To successfully implement the 70:20:10 model, CGI have:

• Raised awareness for all stakeholders and explained how to apply it;
• Provided a variety of learning assets and support tools to make everybody understand, apply and live the model to harvest its benefits;
• Encouraged the use of the model in different contexts and all levels;
• Adjusted existing tools and created new ones to strengthen the benefits;
• Promoted the intense use of feedback, coaching and mentoring, also by SMEs;
• Used top-down thinking and bottom-up action.

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